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Jordann L.

My daughter has been attending Watch Me Grow since she was 14 months old. Since then, she has been talking more, dancing, singing, and has become so nurturing to other children. The transition from being home to going to daycare has been so simple and easy. She LOVES her teachers and is always in the best mood. Sending her to Watch Me Grow was the best decision we ever made for our daughter!

Irene T.

Nichelle, Alex, and the staff are so amazing, kind-hearted and so caring! We love Watch Me Grow daycare, My daughter comes home happy whenever she goes, she has lots of fun and I’m so happy she enjoys it! I love the daily picture updates!

Stella T.

I really enjoy working here at Watch Me Grow. The children and families are amazing and Miss Nichelle and Mr. Alex are great people to work for. I cannot recommend Watch Me Grow highly enough. I love working here!!

Daniele F.

Nichelle and her staff are warm, caring, and responsible. I am so grateful to have them taking care of my children. My children genuinely care about all the providers, and I feel completely confident and comfortable leaving my children in their care. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for the best care for the little ones.

Maria R.

Choosing the place for the care of your child is a hard decision. After several weeks, I can confirm that we have chosen the best place to care for our daughter. 

Watch me Grow has been the ideal Daycare for kids. Nichelle and the staff are very welcoming, kind, responsible, flexible, and they keep you updated on how the day is going. I love the daily photos that they share with us. Actually, my baby girl is more sociable, confident, friendly, and she interacts very well with other children.  The words ”Hello” and “Bye” are part of her daily routine when we do drop off or pick up. Definitely, she is very happy in there !!! 

Thank you so much for all you guys done for us.

Ellie S.

Watch Me Grow Daycare has been a great experience for me as a first-time mom. They provide the comfort of a clean and safe environment, which puts me at ease. I would absolutely recommend them and I look forward to the opening of their second location in Norwalk.

Matthew V.

Our son started at Watch Me Grow shortly before turning 1. Nichelle and her team have been patient and empathetic to us as parents, and more importantly, they provide excellent care for our child. It took a few weeks to adjust, but now he now smiles every time we arrive and returns home in a great mood each night.
The staff is kind, diligent, and knowledgable - and both indoor and outdoor spaces are bright and well-maintained. I would definitely recommend checking out Watch Me Grow if you are in the market for daycare!

Raquel A.

Watch Me Grow has been MORE than just a daycare for me. They have become family. When I drop my children (2 and 4 years old) there in the days, I am at peace and have no anxieties because I KNOW that they are being well taken care of. Nichelle and her team are Patient, Polite, and Professional - 3Ps! that are hard to find in many service providers. Keep up the good work!

Jasmine C.

SUPER HAPPY PARENT! I don’t even know where to start. I’m a newly transitioned parent to Stamford and I’m so pleased and happy to have my child in Watch Me Grow Daycare. My son has attended a number of programs but this by far is the BEST PROGRAM. Ms. Nichelle is the most nurturing, caring, and professional teacher I’ve ever met. It’s reliable and I’m just so grateful to have a daycare family for my son! This program makes my life so easy! highly recommended!!! Also, my son LOVES it here!

Catherine O.

This daycare was amazing for our daughter as her first time being out of our home for daycare! Nichelle and all of the teachers are so nurturing to all of the kids. I knew my daughter was in such good hands. They are always available throughout the day if needed and make it a very warm and welcoming place to be! My daughter would happily walk in each morning! She learned independent play and was able to socialize with a great group of kids. The only reason we had to leave was because we moved an hour away. Very grateful to Nichelle and her team for a wonderful experience! Highly recommend!

Stephanie B.

Nichelle and Alex (the owners of Watch Me Grow Daycare) have created a space where our son and his friends are excited and encouraged to be their best selves as they grow through these foundational years. I fully believe in the “it takes a village” adage and could not have found a better community. Over the past year, they watched baby chickens hatch, grew vegetable plants, played outside, learned numbers and the alphabet, and developed social and emotional skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. We are so grateful to have them and the wonderful teachers in our son’s life during this crucial time.

Melissa R.

My 2 year old son has been attending “school” at Watch Me Grow Daycare since Summer 2021.  We call it school because he has older siblings and he wants to feel like a big kid, just like them.

This was his first experience outside of home, which comes with a natural transition period and some separation anxiety.  Nichelle and Alex were incredibly understanding and patient.  Each day he was greeted warmly and allowed to explore all the fun toys/activities, which they continually rotate.  It was incredible to watch the transition between my son being a bit nervous to literally giving me a hug, saying “bye” and closing the door himself because he was ready to have fun. 

My son currently has speech delays and, at the time of starting mid-2021, only spoke a few words (i.e. bye, more, oww, yeah, no).  He couldn’t even say “mama” or “dada”.  We’ve been working with B23 since January 2021 and his comprehension really developed, but speaking words was really tough.  His time at Watch Me Grow Daycare has been incredibly profound for his speech development!  His words are still fairly unclear to the untrained ear since many times he shortens the word, forgetting the ending sound (ex. waarr vs. warm), BUT prior to attending he was not really attempting to produce speech or showing any interest at all.  Now, we see progress weekly. 

Most importantly, when I arrive to pick him up, he is happy and bubbly.  When they’ve worked on art projects at “school”, he proudly dances up/down to show me what he made.  When I ask him about his day…”Did you have fun today?”…YEAH!...”Did you play with friends today?”…YEAH!  He answers with excitement and joy, which is all we could ever ask for as parents. 

Chaz P.

This is hands down one of the best home daycares in all of Stamford! Mrs. Nichelle and her team are absolutely fantastic. My daughter has been attending this daycare program for a year in a half now and I absolutely could not imagine going anywhere else.

The indoor area is extremely inviting and has a plethora of toys and activities for the kids. There is a large outdoor area that is also available for the children. Mrs. Nichelle is very thoughtful in her approach to the children and their parents' needs from holiday activities to the children's birthdays. My daughter absolutely adores Mrs. Nichelle and she has become an active role model in her everyday life. 

If you are looking for a caring and nurturing environment for your child or children and there is an opening, snag it! You won't be disappointed! This is a rare gem in the countless search for child care that goes above and beyond in making sure your most precious family members are well taken care of!

Yunji K.

Our little one has been going to Watch Me Grow Daycare since October 2021. She enjoys the daycare so much. Every morning, she is excited to leave our home and we had the easiest transition to daycare from home. Nichelle and the teachers are warm and caring. We highly recommend Watch Me Grow!

Janelle G.

My daughter has been going here since the fall and loves going to daycare. This is the first place where she hasn’t cried at drop off. She happily walks in and is ready to play. Her vocabulary has blossomed over the short period she has been there and Nichelle and her team always think of the parents needs first. I can’t recommend this place any higher.

Santana G.

At Watch Me Grow Daycare your child/children will definitely experience a home away from home. The environment is very kid-friendly and teachers/caregivers are very professional. Caregivers work very diligently in nurturing each child to ensure their needs are met...I REALLY LOVE WORKING HERE!!!

Diane Romanello

We are so thrilled that we found Watch Me Grow through a friend. Leaving my daughter for the first time when she was 7 months was very hard for me but Alex and Nichelle answered all my questions and made her and my transition much easier. They are amazing at communicating and I love getting pictures of her playing throughout the day. The staff there are also amazing, our daughter happily goes to them in the morning with no fuss. The daily log of when she’s eaten, how long she’s slept, and her diaper changes is so nice to have. We are excited to see her progress and growth continue with Watch Me Grow!

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